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Economic Espionage - Industrial Espionage - Criminal Spying - Ideas Theft

Ideal: secured environment

Ideal: secured environment

A communication link or a room is considered secure, if it can not be monitored.

This ideal situation is nearly impossible to obtain.

Communications protected by Cryptography.

Risks can be minimized through appropriate measures in the framework of privacy protection. It is possible through digital encryption communication links between two accordingly equipped devices to secure communications and data transfers, that intercepting with today's technology is virtually impossible or not profitable anymore regarding the underlying purpose.

The interest of listeners is directed mostly to the easiest victims, the target group with unprotected communication ways.

Active interception protection

Active interception protection

Do not respond after the facts, take anticipatory action NOW:
Our solution is a safe, secure and cost-effective tool for encrypting your cellular and VOIP conversations, text messages and file transfers.

The triple-layered security scheme turns your PC/laptop, iPhone or other smartphone into a military-grade encrypted communication device. Now you can protect yourself against interception attempts by private, government or military entities.

Millions of cellular calls and other digital traffic are routinely intercepted and recorded by intelligence agencies around the world.

Kidnappers, Industrial Espionage Agents and other Criminals may also monitor unsecure message traffic to gain valuable information about businesses, cash flow, movement of goods and personal information about executives and their families.



Supported Devices:
iPhone, Android (OS 3.0+), BlackBerry (OS 5.0+), Nokia S60

Compatible Networks:

Bandwidth Usage:
Standby mode - 1 KB Per Minute, Secure Call - 250 KB Per Minute

International Calls:
Full support for worldwide roaming

Encryption Algorithms:
16,384 Bit Authentication, Elliptic Curve 384 Bits (RSA 7680 Bits Equivalent), AES 256 Bits, Diffie Hellman 4096 Bits